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completed scripts

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A young football star, born intersex, must come to terms with who he is in Appalachia America.

The Day Before Christmas


For the past twenty-three years, a Curse has killed a member of the Sunshine family on The Day Before Christmas. Now Miles Sunshine, the infamous photographer, is the last Sunshine alive.

The Great Mother

Horror thriller

A pregnant teen is brought to live in a desolate mansion in the Arctic by her oil executive mother, only to learn that she's the target of an insidious occult conspiracy, targeting her unborn child.

pitchdeck unavailable


Completed scripts

A Beer Tale


Cheers meets..well Cheers. Set in a brewery in the mountains of Colorado that serves a motley crew of locals. They come together to share God's most perfect creation… Beer.

Waiting to Kill


Two inept brothers from Texas come to Los Angeles to find their estranged father

and inevitably become hitmen. Blah Blah Blah.....​


Drama thriller

A nineteen-year-old journalist disappears while doing a story on a

radical fundamentalist sect of the Mormon Church.


in development - treatment available

A Cry for Something Beautiful

Romantic drama

A black liberal pop artist falls in love with a white conservative country singer.

pitchdeck unavailable

Queen Sacrifice

Gangster thriller

The son of an Irish mobster learns he is the actual son of a Russian Gangster, 

their family's sworn enemy.

pitchdeck unavailable

Swamp Ghost

WWII Adventure drama

The warriors of the Bosavi, a relatively peaceful indigenous tribe,

witness as "the Gods” crash to earth, in the form of a giant metal bird. 

pitchdeck unavailable


in development - treatment available



A wealthy and powerful family fight for control of their billionaire father's NFL team.



Psychological Horror

A modern retelling of Hamlet set in Hollywood.

pitchdeck unavailable

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